20 Completely FREE Stock Photo Websites

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Hey guys!

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Evelyn’s first nursery outing at church, classroom cleaning, church, and of course, family time. I love the week, but weekends are so special with the family and our time spent at church.

Can we all agree that the main key to creating a great image is having a great photo? You can have all the Photoshop skills in the world, but its doesn’t really matter if you’re editing and adding text to a bad photo.

Today I wanted to share something that you all can find very helpful in many regards. As soon as I began Darling Little Lessons, I quickly learned how important it is to have high quality images representing my posts. A blurry (but precious) photo of my daughter behind all my titles would not cut it. Plus, the main way most blogs receive productive traffic is through Pinterest. And let’s face it, no one re-pins bad photos. If you want to see some of my first (sad) Pinterest pins I created, you can go check them out at Darling Little Lessons. I left them up to laugh at myself one day. Join me. And while you’re over there, give me a follow.


If you’re interested in creating your own pins, designing images for your blog, or maybe need a stunning photo for the cover of your school project, you can benefit from the information below.
Whether you’re a blogger or not, you can enjoy the following websites for free stock photos. This means the photos on these websites are free to download (legally) and you are welcome to use them as you wish. On some of them you will want to look into the attribution requirements (meaning you must give credit to the photographer), but I’ll make a note for you on those ones. It’s super simple and they tell you exactly how so don’t shy away from them. However, attribution requirements could always be later implemented and updated, so just make sure you’re paying attention and doing the right thing when you download!
Without further ado:

20 FREE Stock Photo Websites


I personally use this one the most right now. Their layout is just easy to look over and I love that I can search a keywords and a relevant search comes up.


I use this one a lot right now as well. It’s great if you’re looking for vertical images. Surprisingly, I found those hard to come by at first!


Amazing high resolution photos without restrictions.


Lovely old black and white photos.


Free Pik (note attribution requirements)
I don’t know if it’s just their layout, but this one makes me go “ehh.”


Christian site based out of London with some really awesome photos.


Eighteen categories worth of beautiful photos.


Some very goofy images but it might be just what you’re looking for.


Lime Lane (note attribution requirements)
An Australian photographer with some decent work.


With 20 categories to download from, I can see why everyone raves about this one.


Don’t let the name scare you. They have really great photos they’ll send straight to your inbox if you sign up (for free of course).


This one’s just cute. Go check it out and you’ll see what I mean.


This one is good, but I’ll admit, I don’t like the pictures being so large that it takes me longer to scroll through them. You can pretty much only effectively view two photos at a time.


This one is really cool because if you click “discover images” on their main page, you can really narrow your search to get the exact picture you want. Awesome for people who have a specific look in mind for what they are creating. It’s also good for if you want to only look at vertical images (great for creating pins).


Picx Clicx (formerly Jill Levenhagen)
She does good work. She doesn’t have a ton up just yet but hey, help a starter out.


WELL over 100 categories to browse from. They have it allll.


They do have an attribution required section, but absolutely lovely photos.


They have a decent selection. I like the way they break their categories down (for example “blurred images”).


I can’t say I like their website’s layout but they do have stunning photos.


Personally, this one is my least favorite, but I promised you 20.


Go check them out! Having access to free stock photos is such a game changer for anyone wanting to create a beautiful image.


Thanks for reading and I hope you can use and enjoy these websites!

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