Baby Bottles: What I Wish I Had Known

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Hey guys!

So this one’s not mind blowing, but I’m confident it’ll help someone out there because it was something I certainly didn’t think of on my own until it was too late!

I tried at least four different types of bottles for my daughter. She was exclusively bottle fed from birth (except for the first week where we finger fed her in hopes that she would learn to breast feed). We didn’t try different brands/styles of bottles because she had an issue with any of them. She actually didn’t seem to care either way as long as she got her milk! We had a few different types simply because they were given to us, but the ones we ended up liking most (and are still using today) are ones we bought on our own later!

When we registered for our baby shower there was an overwhelming amount of baby bottle options to choose from. Like any inexperienced expecting couple, my husband and I read all about what the bottles claimed they could do and how they would help the baby feed better, have less gas, blah blah blah. We finally scanned the Dr. Brown bottles and moved right along. I figured, “they come with a little thingy to clean them and that’s wonderful. They’ll do.” Plus, they were pink, and that was pretty much the only requirement an item needed to have to be cleared for my registry. (Cue me scanning everything pink in the store.)

Of course, we were gifted the Dr. Brown bottles and we were thankful to have them once my daughter ended up not being able to breast feed. She had no issue with them, and drank from them like a champ. I am not saying we had any issue with the actual functionality of the Dr. Brown bottles. They served their purpose, and as far as we could tell, they did all that they claimed.

What we quickly learned was a con to the Dr. Brown bottles was how many parts they had. A simple bottle will usually have 4 parts (bottle, nipple, ring, and lid). The Dr. Brown bottles had 6! That may not sound like much more, but when you’re hand washing bottles every 2.5 hours all day every day, it adds up! Plus, those two extra parts that most bottles don’t have were great at holding water and taking forever to dry. Not what you want when you need another clean bottle ASAP. Sorry, Dr. Brown.

We ended up buying Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles for ourselves and we absolutely love them. They’re very simple and they only have 4 parts to wash (3 when we’re home and don’t need to use a lid). As my daughter has matured, we’ve only had to buy replacement nipples to upgrade her to the next level. It’s so easy. She drinks from them just fine and has never had issues with gassiness.

Now, I’m not saying only Avent is good for this. I realize different babies may have different preferences. Avent is just what has worked for us. What I want to stress is that you will most likely enjoy a bottle that has the least amount of parts possible. Even if you use your dish washer for everything, you’re sure to have something better to do with your time than to disassemble and reassemble a 6 part bottle 9 times a day. You could spend that time on something luxurious like brushing your teeth (new moms feel me on this)!

So if you’re on the market for baby bottles or you know someone who is, pass this little tidbit on to them. Their dental hygiene will thank you.

What is your favorite kind of bottle?

Thanks for reading!

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Other bottle options with fewer parts:

4 thoughts on “Baby Bottles: What I Wish I Had Known”

  • I’m definitely getting this book! Wow, can’t wait to read, I’m going through the whole sleep and feed thing, everytime I put AnnaSophia down she’s hungry again…. thank so much for sharing, and I definitely know what you mean about those Dr Brown bottles, for sure. Love reading what you share! 🙂

    • I’m so glad!! Let me know if I can help in any way. I’m such a fan of this book because IT WORKS! She’ll get the hang of it! xo

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