How I Get Paid to Spend My Own Money

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Hey guys!

This topic seems too good to be true right?


Well, it’s the truth! I get paid to spend my own money every single month and it’s a beautiful thing. In fact, so does my husband. Each time we purchase something with our credit cards, we’re getting cash back.


Now, before you think I’m trying to sell you on a credit card, please go read Credit Cards: Rule or Be Ruled, because quite frankly, they’re not for everyone. If you can’t handle the cash in your pocket, you certainly can’t handle someone else’s cash at your disposal. Love yooou.


After reading Credit Cards: Rule or Be Ruled, if you determine you’re someone who can take on a credit card the right way, then keep reading.


A few years ago I knew I wanted to get a credit card because I was at a place where I could handle it. I was living with my mom, sharing half the bills, no debt to my name, and it just seemed like the right time. My only initial intention was to enhance my credit score. I knew Aaron and I would be getting married soon and eventually we would need good credit to reference to buy a home and whatnot. We each did our own research and immediately I was sold on the Chase Freedom. It had (and still has) no annual fee, 0% intro APR for the first 15 months, and unlimited cash back.


So I signed up, got approved, and to this day my Freedom has not cost me one cent. I have never paid any interestand I use it all the time for everything I can. This was my first credit card I ever got on my own (without my parents backing the bill) and I’m so glad I did! I would say I wish I had gotten it sooner, but I think it’s so important that you make sure you’re financially ready (read: mature enough) to take on the possibility of debt.


Some people don’t want credit cards because they’re too much of a temptation. There is absolutely nothing tempting to me about my credit card. I use it just like I had been using my debit card. I subtract all transactions from my budget immediately and don’t spend more than I have set aside. Because of this, I’m able to enjoy getting cash back on every single one of my purchases. Some categories reward me with more cash back, some just 1%, but still, it’s money coming back to me just for spending my own money!


If you’re interested in getting a credit card, do your research. Don’t just sign up for the first one you see. Consider why you actually want to get it. If you’re planning to use it like cash, pay it off in full every month (like I do), and want to get cash back, look into the Chase Freedom.


Chase will even give you $150 if you can manage to spend $500 in your first three months from account opening. Hah, I can spend that in one month. Twice.


It’s seriously the easiest money I’ve ever made. The more I use my card, the more cash back I get. And how cool is this, I’ve been saving up my cash back this year and I’m going to use it to purchase my husband’s birthday gift! Talk about a sweet deal.


I’ll leave the link below for you if you’re interested.


Thanks for reading and happy (budgeted) spending!

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