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If you are anything like my husband, you’d rather do just about anything than go out shopping. I personally love shopping. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, house shopping… I love it all. However, there are some things that you either can’t get in store, or are just not worth it to make a trip out for.

Plus, who doesn’t love coming home to a package on their door step?

If we decide to shop online for an item we always check Amazon first. They almost always have what we want and a really great deal for it. We’ve ordered so many things from them we should be VIP customers.

When it comes it getting gifts for people, shopping online makes it so much easier. You may be getting gifts for many different people with different tastes. If you don’t plan it out you’ll find yourself in a dozen different stores that may not even have what you’re looking for.

This is the perfect time to shop online.

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but there are still really great deals out there. You just have to be willing to shop from the comfort of your home!

Below are some ideas of gifts worth purchasing online. Click any of the images to navigate to Amazon and learn more about the products they offer!

Gift Cards

An Gift Card is a great idea for someone who is difficult to shop for. I know a lot of people don’t like giving gift cards because they think it’s an impersonal gift, but I love receiving gift cards. They allow you to get whatever you want! You guarantee the satisfaction of the gift recipient.

Practical Gifts

I may be the minority here, but I also love receiving practical gifts. If it’s something I need/can definitely benefit from having and I haven’t bought for myself, it’s probably because I would rather not spend my money on it. If someone can pick up on that and give it to me as a gift, bingo! Heart = won.

We recently bought a Duffel Bag for my brother in law to encourage his new gym habit. He didn’t ask for it, we just knew he could appreciate it.

My husband also received a Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench from family for his birthday that they purchased online. The gifts don’t need to be limited to small ones either!

I’ve asked for a new cookware set because #stay-at-homemom and it was so easy to send my husband the link for the exact ones I’d love to have. Practical gifts don’t have to be boring. Think outside the box and observe what someone would actually use. Odds are they’ll love it.


Fragrances are extremely popular gifts because everybody wants them but typically don’t want to buy them for themselves. If you already know what fragrance someone enjoys, there’s no need to go out to get it.

My favorite perfume is on Amazon as well as my husband’s. Bet yours is too!


Because why not?

Beauty Products

I actually always have to buy my favorite hair product on Amazon because I never see it in store.


If you’re purchasing clothes as a gift, you don’t need to try them on anyway.

Personalized Gifts

If you’re confident in your gift for someone, (meaning they won’t want to return it) why not customize it? It adds a nice touch that shows that you thought it out just for them. Some gifts will even include free engraving like this Personalized Stainless Steel Mirro Polished Cuff Bracelet.

Baby Toys

Obviously you can buy these in store, but by getting them online you ensure that other children’s hands weren’t all over them! Just make sure you’re always buying the new version and not someone selling a used one.

Evelyn’s first real toy was the VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads and she loved it!

If you do shop online a lot (especially on Amazon like us), you may want to look into getting an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. Why would you not want rewards for your shopping?

Also totally worth it – Amazon Prime!

Thanks for reading and have fun gift shopping!

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