One Way I Easily Save Over $400 Each Year

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Hey guys!

So this might not be for everyone but if you’re looking to save some money and your husband (or child) is willing to be your guinea pig, you could easily start saving in this one area right away. Depending on how many people you have in your family that you can get on board with this, you could save much more than we are, but we’re easily saving over $400 every year.

My husband used to buzz his hair on his own. This stopped before I married him. It had to. If you like buzz cuts, sorry. I do not. Before you assume he changed his hair just for me I’ll let you know that he only did it because 1) he didn’t want to spend money on a hair cut and 2) he had no idea what hair style looked good on him. Enter me, and now he looks oh so handsome with his hair do! It’s not complex but it’s certainly not something he could execute on his own.

My husband also has never been one to make his hair appointments in advance, so he was always wandering into the closest walk-ins welcome salon once he couldn’t stand his ever growing mane anymore (Mexican/Puerto Rican roots run deep and their hair growth never slacks). This resulted in him having a different cut practically every time (and some were not so great). He would explain what he wanted and they would wing it and he’d be tempted to not tip. (Don’t worry, he tipped.) Sometimes he would get it cut and I would just say, “at least it grows fast!” He had come leaps and bounds from the buzz cut but his hair cuts were always such a hassle to fit into our schedule and honestly, neither of us wanted to spend the money on them so frequently anyway. I personally get my hair done (trimmed and highlighted) only 3-4 times per year, but that’s a different story on how my hair is just low maintenance (read: blah).

This got me thinking… He already had the clippers from when he would buzz his own head, so maybe I could try giving him his next hair cut. I went with him to his next appointment to observe. I had no idea what was going on. I still can’t figure out how they get the hair to fade, but we were both willing to try it out. (In his mind, if it didn’t work out, he could just buzz it. In my mind, I better not mess it up or I have to look at the buzz cut again.)

About a month later we took the leap. We used a trash bag to cover him up and I went at it. The whole hair cut probably took me over an hour (I went slow because I was pretty nervous!) but it didn’t turn out bad at all! I was kind of torn because he had just started going to my hair lady (heeeey Taylor!) whom I LOVE (another upgrade from the buzz cut and Super Cuts or the Walmart salon) so he was actually getting great hair cuts consistently at this point. But he was still never making his appointments until he was desperate and sometimes having to still go to a walk-in place and experience yet another miscommunication and bad cut.

I’ve now been cutting his hair for over a year and we’ve easily saved over $400! My husband likes to have his hair cut every 3 weeks (he’d do 2 if I let him but that’s just too much for me), so every 3rd Saturday we bust out the clippers and get it done. Don’t worry, we’ve come a long way from the trash bag days. We’ve invested in an apron for me, a cape for him, real hair cutting scissors and thinning scissors, and even bought new clippers since. We have still not spent half as much as we would have if he were getting his hair cut by the pros. And now it only takes me about 25 minutes start to finish. It’s become a pretty simple chore (well, the clean up is a different story).

So now, he doesn’t need to make appointments and we can spend the money we would have spent on his cuts on mine. (Lord knows he can’t do my highlights!) Win Win!

When we did the math, we realized we could actually buy new clippers for each at home hair cut and still spend less money than we would at a salon! Pretty crazy! (I’ll provide links to the supplies we have below for your reference. I’ll throw in a mustache comb for fun.)

If you have a fairly steady hand, a decent take on symmetry and a good sport of a husband, try it out! Plus you could make a rug with all the clippings. (I joke.) But seriously, just resort back to the buzz cut if all else fails. If you’re working on your daughter, start with a simple trim. I plan to cut Evelyn’s hair once she needs it! You could even YouTube some how-to videos on a particular style. The possibilities are quite endless and no hair cut is forever. You’ll only get better and better. If you try it out, let me know!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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2 thoughts on “One Way I Easily Save Over $400 Each Year”

  • I’m very inspired!! Trent’s hair also grows suuuper fast, and I’ve always wanted to cut it myself, but I’ve never had the guts to do it! You should totally post a video!

    • Haha! I’ll think about it. I’m no pro, but like I said, we’ve come a long way! If Trent’s not toooo attached to his style, you guys should try it! I bet you’d do a great job!

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